COPPERSKY presents the Orbiter tour

People, we are gonna tour! Underneath the dates. We’d love to meet you at one of these venues.

15-03-19 – Velvet Music / Het Magazijn (instore) , Dordrecht

22-03-19 – Burgerweeshuis, Deventer supporting The Grand East – Tickets

23-03-19 – Victorie, Alkmaar supporting The Grand East – Tickets

15-03-19 – Bibelot, Dordrecht – Tickets

31-03-19 – Willem Twee Poppodium – Tickets

02-03-19 – Eggenfelden – supporting DeWolff – Tickets

03-04-19 – Nachtleben, Frankfurt – supporting DeWolff – Tickets

04-04-19 – Bastard Club, Osnabruck – supporting DeWolff – Tickets

12-04-19 – dbs, Utrecht – Tickets

13-04-19 – Fluor, Amersfoort – supporting The Grand East – Tickets

14-04-19 – Blue Shell, Cologne w/ The Grand East – Tickets

16-04-19 – Molotow, Hamburg w/ The Grand East – Tickets

17-04-19 – Cafe Glocksee – Hannover w/ The Grand East – Tickets

18-04-19 – Maze – Berlin w/ The Grand East – Tickets

15-05-2019 – Ostpol – Dresden w/ Abramowicz 

16-05-2019 –  Club stereo – Nürnberg w/ Abramowicz – Tickets

17-05-2019 – Circus MaximusKoblenz w/ Abramowicz – Tickets

18-05-2019 – Kreativfabrik –  Wiesbaden w/ Abramowicz – Tickets

New dates will be added soon! Booking requests can be made here.

Erik, Marty, Bo, Ray

Coppersky Orbiter tour-01

New single Rock Café is now out

Our new single Rock Café is now out on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and even on YouTube. Go check out the video and see how Erik portrays a loner who yearns to be a rock star. He finds his comfort and escape in an alternate universe: his bedroom closet. And here’s the fun thing; you decide how the video ends. Go watch!

Orbiter out on the 22nd of February and first tour dates firm

Within 22 days exactly, we will release our third full-length album ‘Orbiter’. This is our most rock ‘n’ roll album yet. Mark the 22nd of February in your calendar and meet us on the road to buy the new record – either vinyl or as a cd:

15-03-19 – Bibelot, Dordrecht – Tickets
31-03-19 – Willem Twee Poppodium – Tickets
12-04_19 – dbs, Utrecht
14-04-19 – Blue Shell, Cologne w/ The Grand East – Tickets
16-04-19 – Molotow, Hamburg w/ The Grand East – Tickets
17-04-19 – Cafe Glocksee – Hannover w/ The Grand East – Tickets
18-04-19 – Maze – Berlin w/ The Grand East – Tickets

We will rotate around, and near, you.

New Video Out Now!

Our video for ‘Dressed in Wool’, off our new unreleased album ‘Orbiter’, is now out! Please turn your ears and eyes towards your screens: view ‘Dressed in Wool’ here:


Produced, mixed and mastered by Pablo van de Poel
Mastered bij Wessel Oltheten
Orbiter, our third full-length album, will be released on February the 22nd, 2019, with Hamburg-based popup-records [Germany]. The release will be celebrated with shows in the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond. But first, check out the video here! Oh boy, we are excited, we hope you are too!

We’re proud to present “The Brotherhood Tour”, our winter tour through Germany made possible by our friends & allies Muttis Booking! Hope to see you at one of these shows!


Marty, Robert, Ray & Erik

16.11.2017 DE / Lübeck / Blauer Engel (Free Entrance)

17.11.2017 DE / Münster / Gleis 22 w/ Empire Me & Empty Veins – Tickets

18.11.2017 DE / Trier / Trick 17 (Instore)

18.11.2017 DE / Trier / Lucky’s Luke w/ Kramsky

23.11.2017 DE / Leipzig / Vodafone Shop Karli (Instore)

23.11.2017 DE / Leipzig / WERK2-Kulturfabrik – Tickets

24.11.2017 DE / Braunschweig / B58 w/ Hi! Spencer

25.11.2017 DE / Mönchengladbach / Wohnzimmerkonzert (Private)

29.11.2017 DE / Hamburg / Astra Stube

30.11.2017 DE/ Berlin / Silver Disc (Instore)

30.11.2017 DE / Berlin / Monarch / w/ Heart Ovt – Tickets

01.12.2017 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom w/ Damniam – Tickets

02.12.2017 DE / Konstanz / Alte Schachtel w/ The Backyard Band

07.12.2017 DE / München / Backstage / w/ Cadet Carter & State Zero – Tickets

08.12.2017 DE / TBA

09.12.2017 DE / Chemnitz / Subway to Peter / Cadet Carter

22.12.2017 DE / Enkirch / Winterfallig w/ Jawknee Music & Quersumme6

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New song ‘For Keeps’ on ‘5 years of Uncle M’ Sampler


Check it out! Our label Uncle M is celebrating their 5th anniversary! Congrats! Join the party and listen to this compilation of rare and previously unreleased songs from 24 different bands! A rare song of ours, For Keeps, is also included! Go treat yourself! Bands include:

Abramowicz The Smith Street Band anorak Restorations ESKALATIONBlackout Problems Smile And Burn RADIO HAVANNA Primetime FailureMiss Vincent Rocky Votolato tequilaandthesunrisegang Myelin STUMFOLFLASH FORWARD Minipax Antillectual Muncie Girls Matze Rossi Hello Piedpiper Templeton Pek

Listen/download here: