2015: new EP, new album!!!


foto: Aviva Bing

We will be releasing an EP and our second full length album in 2015. The EP will be released this April and we will launch our second album somewhere in the fall of 2015. We are very excited to be recording it with JJJ Sielcken, who also produced our debut album. We will be heading to a farm in Noord-Brabant (in the south of the Netherlands) in February to record it. Because Fall 2015 is a long wait we wanted to release something a bit sooner as a foretaste of the direction we will be heading on the album. Attached to the EP we will play some shows, more information about this will be posted as soon as all the dates are fixed.

We could try to say a bunch of fancy things about the material we are about to record, like “this is our best stuff yet” or “our sound has matured” and some of those things might even be true but they won’t matter. In the end it comes down to this: we’re a band of friends, of brothers, of fuck ups having a damn good time writing a new album and we can’t wait to let you hear our tunes! For now Merry Christmas and  have a great New Year!!!