C-c-combo b-b-breaker! COPPERSKY on Spotify

C-c-combo b-b-breaker! You guys listened to our record on Spotify thousands of times and have unlocked the next two levels which have some exclusive content only available on Spotify! So head over to Spotify to check it out!

First Level 4! Listen to audio commentary from our friend Tobi of Idle Class regarding his favourite song off the album, Hometown Show.

It’s an honor to have these guys as friends and we’re so glad we’ll be playing them this december on three dates where we will also be joined by Rivershores & The Lamplighters! Check out our website for dates.

Next listen to Level 5: This is album secret #2. This is the most personal song on the record and Erik explains why. Go check it out.

Check out the levels you can still unlock by listening to the record on Spotify.

And game on!

level-4-5 coppersky on spotify