Hanging on by a thread, a personal note on our videoclip for Bankrupt

Bankrupt / Backhannels is a song about my experiences as a small business owner. In this videoclip, Maarten, a friend of ours embodies the struggle to create something out of nothing, fail and succeed, fall and get up again. Starting up a business means that despite friends and family helping out in the end it’s down to you. You are the heart and soul of your business when you start out, if you don’t get things done, no one will and you’re finished.

My wife and I have seen it all, the highs and the lows… struggling to start out, getting customers interested in your business, creating beautiful products, cultivating a beautiful culture within you business with an awesome team but also have people you trust backstab you and even steal from you when you’re at your most vulnerable. And amidst this all I can say that it is worth it and I would do it over again and again and again. I want to encourage anyone with a dream of starting their own business, creating their own product whether it be large or small to do it. Yes it will hurt sometimes and rewarding at other times but it was worth finding out nonetheless.