We’re proud to present “The Brotherhood Tour”, our winter tour through Germany made possible by our friends & allies Muttis Booking! Hope to see you at one of these shows!


Marty, Robert, Ray & Erik

16.11.2017 DE / Lübeck / Blauer Engel (Free Entrance)

17.11.2017 DE / Münster / Gleis 22 w/ Empire Me & Empty Veins – Tickets

18.11.2017 DE / Trier / Trick 17 (Instore)

18.11.2017 DE / Trier / Lucky’s Luke w/ Kramsky

23.11.2017 DE / Leipzig / Vodafone Shop Karli (Instore)

23.11.2017 DE / Leipzig / WERK2-Kulturfabrik – Tickets

24.11.2017 DE / Braunschweig / B58 w/ Hi! Spencer

25.11.2017 DE / Mönchengladbach / Wohnzimmerkonzert (Private)

29.11.2017 DE / Hamburg / Astra Stube

30.11.2017 DE/ Berlin / Silver Disc (Instore)

30.11.2017 DE / Berlin / Monarch / w/ Heart Ovt – Tickets

01.12.2017 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom w/ Damniam – Tickets

02.12.2017 DE / Konstanz / Alte Schachtel w/ The Backyard Band

07.12.2017 DE / München / Backstage / w/ Cadet Carter & State Zero – Tickets

08.12.2017 DE / TBA

09.12.2017 DE / Chemnitz / Subway to Peter / Cadet Carter

22.12.2017 DE / Enkirch / Winterfallig w/ Jawknee Music & Quersumme6

Presented by:
Noisiv.de, Museek.de, Count Your Bruises Magazine, Balbex Drumsticks, Ashdown Engineering, Stay close to your soul.


New song ‘For Keeps’ on ‘5 years of Uncle M’ Sampler


Check it out! Our label Uncle M is celebrating their 5th anniversary! Congrats! Join the party and listen to this compilation of rare and previously unreleased songs from 24 different bands! A rare song of ours, For Keeps, is also included! Go treat yourself! Bands include:

Abramowicz The Smith Street Band anorak Restorations ESKALATIONBlackout Problems Smile And Burn RADIO HAVANNA Primetime FailureMiss Vincent Rocky Votolato tequilaandthesunrisegang Myelin STUMFOLFLASH FORWARD Minipax Antillectual Muncie Girls Matze Rossi Hello Piedpiper Templeton Pek

Listen/download here:

SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2pC5eaw
AMAZON PRIME/MP3: http://amzn.to/2oyNXPa
APPLE/iTUNES: http://apple.co/2poPnLw
DEEZER: http://www.deezer.com/album/40594321

Brotherhood Tour with Green Lizard


Have no fear, we won’t skip our own friends & family during our last tour this year.

Together with Never Mind The Hype, Ashdown Engineering and Pat Stickswe’ll be doing the: BROTHERHOOD 2016 Tour.

And to make this even better we’ll be doing this together with the almighty Green Lizard!
Two bands of brothers… 3 + 3 = 6 brother-awesomeness!

15.12.16 /NL/ Amsterdam / Winston Kingdom w/ Green Lizard
Event: Green Lizard + Coppersky live at Winston Kingdom
Tix: https://shop3.ticketscript.com/…/t…/240927/sid/0/language/nl

16.12.16 /NL/ Tilburg (gemeente) / Extase Tilburg w/ Green Lizard
Event: COPPERSKY & Green Lizard Extase Tilburg

17.12.16 /NL/ Utrecht (stad) / dB’s w/ Green Lizard
Event: COPPERSKY & Green Lizard dB’s Utrecht
Tix: http://www.dbstudio.nl/tickets/

In honor of our brotherhood we have a little surprise for you, but more about this later… 😉

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Hanging on by a thread, a personal note on our videoclip for Bankrupt

Bankrupt / Backhannels is a song about my experiences as a small business owner. In this videoclip, Maarten, a friend of ours embodies the struggle to create something out of nothing, fail and succeed, fall and get up again. Starting up a business means that despite friends and family helping out in the end it’s down to you. You are the heart and soul of your business when you start out, if you don’t get things done, no one will and you’re finished. Continue reading

C-c-combo b-b-breaker! COPPERSKY on Spotify

C-c-combo b-b-breaker! You guys listened to our record on Spotify thousands of times and have unlocked the next two levels which have some exclusive content only available on Spotify! So head over to Spotify to check it out!

First Level 4! Listen to audio commentary from our friend Tobi of Idle Class regarding his favourite song off the album, Hometown Show.

It’s an honor to have these guys as friends and we’re so glad we’ll be playing them this december on three dates where we will also be joined by Rivershores & The Lamplighters! Check out our website for dates.

Next listen to Level 5: This is album secret #2. This is the most personal song on the record and Erik explains why. Go check it out.

Check out the levels you can still unlock by listening to the record on Spotify.

And game on!

level-4-5 coppersky on spotify