Hanging on by a thread, a personal note on our videoclip for Bankrupt

Bankrupt / Backhannels is a song about my experiences as a small business owner. In this videoclip, Maarten, a friend of ours embodies the struggle to create something out of nothing, fail and succeed, fall and get up again. Starting up a business means that despite friends and family helping out in the end it’s down to you. You are the heart and soul of your business when you start out, if you don’t get things done, no one will and you’re finished. Continue reading


We’re going BANKRUPT

This Thursday, the 20th of October, we have something very special in store for you guys. We will release the videoclip for our song: Bankrupt! Just a little tease here… In November & December we will be all over the place in Germany, Switserland and the Netherlands so be sure to check out our tour dates.

C-c-combo b-b-breaker! COPPERSKY on Spotify

C-c-combo b-b-breaker! You guys listened to our record on Spotify thousands of times and have unlocked the next two levels which have some exclusive content only available on Spotify! So head over to Spotify to check it out!

First Level 4! Listen to audio commentary from our friend Tobi of Idle Class regarding his favourite song off the album, Hometown Show.

It’s an honor to have these guys as friends and we’re so glad we’ll be playing them this december on three dates where we will also be joined by Rivershores & The Lamplighters! Check out our website for dates.

Next listen to Level 5: This is album secret #2. This is the most personal song on the record and Erik explains why. Go check it out.

Check out the levels you can still unlock by listening to the record on Spotify.

And game on!

level-4-5 coppersky on spotify


Yes, this winter we will be touring with our good friends, the mighty Abramowicz! This wouldn’t be possible without Muttis Booking, Sparta Booking & Uncle M.  Aside from that we will also be playing a weekender with our buddies Idle Class Rivershores & The Lamplighters!

Tour sponsors: VISIONS Magazin, DIFFUS Magazin, Getaddicted, Sportklub Rotter Damm, Ashdown Engineering & Balbex

04.11.2016 DE / Kiel / Schaubude  w/ Abramowicz  Tickets
05.11.2016 DE / Braunschweig / tba.   w/ Abramowicz
06.11.2016 DE / Essen / Anyway Tickets
17.11.2016 DE / Koblenz / Circus Maximus  w/ Abramowicz Tickets
18.11.2016 DE / Trier / Ex-Haus  w/ Abramowicz, Milliarden, Lulu die Einhornfarm Tickets
19.11.2016 DE /  TBA
20.11.2016 CH / Solothurn / Kofmehl w/ Abramowicz Tickets
21.11.2016 DE / Mainz / Kulturcafé   w/ Abramowicz, Fights & Fires
22.11.2016 DE / Stuttgart / Goldmarks  w/ Abramowicz Tickets
23.11.2016 DE / Dresden / Chemiefabrik  w/ Abramowicz
24.11.2016 DE / Leipzig / naTo  w/ Abramowicz Tickets
25.11.2016 DE / Hannover / Bei Chez Hein  w/ Abramowicz  Tickets
26.11.2016 DE / Berlin / Monarch Tickets
03.12.2016 DE / Chemnitz / AJZ   w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters
04.12.2016 DE / Walsrode / Juz   w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters
05.12.2016 DE / Osnabrück / Substanz   w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters
15.12.2016 NL / Amsterdam / Winston w/ TBA
16.12.2016 NL / Extase / Tilburg w/ TBA
17.12.2016 NL / Utrecht / dbs w/  Abramowicz & TBA

COPPERSKY & Uncle M launch Spotify game “Listen Up Level Up”

The Spotify release of “If We’re Losing Everything”, our second album, is accompanied by “Listen Up Level Up”. A game we created and that can be played (online) in which listeners are able to unlock seven extra’s to the album that are exclusively available on Spotify. The more the album gets listened to, the more extra’s get unlocked. Each new level has a certain number of total listens to the album needed to unlock it.

When you go to the album on Spotify the unreleased material is already visible but cannot be listened to yet. Check the game out and read a description of each level and the number of listens needed to unlock these extra’s.

Listen Up Level Up

New Video of Reservoirs


We have kept this gem hidden from you for too long now and are proud to show you this! Our friends at tape.tv have launched the brand new video for Reservoirs, a song from our upcoming album ‘If We’re Losing Everything’. This album will be released on march 4, 2016 through Uncle M.

The video is a tribute to the most legendary venue in Utrecht, Tivoli Oudegracht, which sadly closed in 2014. The video was created by our dear friend and local legend Bram Heynen.

Reservoirs is also available on Deezer, Spotify and iTunes:




People who already followed us on Spotify have already been listening to Reservoirs for about a week now, the lucky souls! Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify and get some exclusive material!!

Enjoy the nostalgia, enjoy the beautiful imagery and we hope you enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Record announcement Mail banner

We are proud to announce that we will release our second album, “If we’re losing everything” on March 4, 2016 in De Helling. Listen to the first single, premiere “Loose Ends” on:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6Gih7mRWjm3QW1WwMljwOm

Don’t forget to follow us because we have some special exclusive extra’s for our followers on Spotify when we release the record.

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/11911932

You can pre-order our album via:

Suburban Records (Netherlands):

Uncle M (Germany & the rest of the world):

iTunes (digital pre-order with exclusive bonus track “For Keeps”):

Release show facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1683897028520801/

Muttis Bookings, Uncle M and Never Mind The Hype present our release tour which is sponsored by OxFanzine, tape.tv, Guitar Magazin,TONSPION & livegigs.

COPPERSKY’s first single

At the end of this month we will release the first single, Loose Ends, off our upcoming album. Simultaneously we will also make the album title known. We are really excited to share the special pre-order package we have put together in the next update we send you. We will be releasing our second album next year with Uncle M, a great label from Germany that works with awesome artists like Chuck Ragan, Boysetsfire, The Smith Street Band and more. Needless to say we’re excited about getting to work with them. Stay tuned for COPPERSKY’s first single!

COPPERSKY's first single