COPPERSKY’s first single

At the end of this month we will release the first single, Loose Ends, off our upcoming album. Simultaneously we will also make the album title known. We are really excited to share the special pre-order package we have put together in the next update we send you. We will be releasing our second album next year with Uncle M, a great label from Germany that works with awesome artists like Chuck Ragan, Boysetsfire, The Smith Street Band and more. Needless to say we’re excited about getting to work with them. Stay tuned for COPPERSKY’s first single!

COPPERSKY's first single


UNCLE M Sampler 2015

Our dear friends at Uncle M released their 2015 sampler this week! Congratulations! 21 great tracks by friends and respected bands like Boysetsfire and The Smith Street Band. Oh, and we can proudly say that Hometown Show got on the list as well!

Listen to the UNCLE M SAMPLER 2015 on Spotify.


COPPERSKY door 3voor12/Utrecht uitgeroepen tot “Meest veelbelovende band van Utrecht”

Wow… uhm… yep. Wat een eer! Nu maar waarmaken in 2014.

Dit is wat de jury zei: “Deze act gaat al even mee maar heeft met de laatste release een opmerkelijke stap van een popgeluid naar een moderner geluid gemaakt, dat nog wel iets meer eigenheid mag krijgen. De releaseshow heeft een behoorlijke buzz gecreëerd en ervoor gezorgd dat mensen de act nu gaan tippen. Wanneer je er niet bij was heb je door de goede verhalen alsnog spijt. Volgens de jury kan deze act er in slagen om de buzz in het komende jaar ook buiten Utrecht te verzilveren.”

Lees het verslag hier!



During our stay at Warning Studios recording our debut album “Relief, be around the bend” we wrote a song during an evening and recorded it the next day. After a long afternoon of trying to “get it right”, we finally did. What happened is hard to describe in words but afterwords, and I quote, Marty poetically said “It was like we had slain a huge army of orcs and were leaving the battleground with a mountain of their dead bodies burning behind us”. Regardless to say this was a special moment for us as a band. Letting everything go and letting the sound waves takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride down memory lane and what it means to be friends and brothers. With Björn Warning and Jurriaan Sielcken there pushing up to and over the edge all we could do was jump off and see what would happen. Jeroen Berends happened to be there with his trusty camera to shoot us recording “Andre” so you can experience a little bit of what it was like that afternoon. All credit for this amazing video goes to him and special thanks goes to Chris for his support!